Obyek Wisata Pilihan


Exotic little island nan, typical small island southeast nusa. Its unique elongated shape further adds to the beauty of this island. Dangar Ode became one of the best spots to enjoy the sunrise with the background of Mount Tambora and sunset with the background of Moyo Island. Clear water with clean beaches and natural beauty under the sea, very good for sunbathing and snorkeling that will make you feel at home to enjoy the island. .


Moyo Island offers not only natural beauty and fauna but so many diving and snorkeling spots. Arriving on Moyo Island and choosing to immerse yourself in the sea will bring its own nuance. Your isolation on the island and the beauty of Moyo Island’s marine life lie within a 6000 hectare marine park area that will make a special impression on you. It offers so many places for diving and snorkeling. These spots offer the beauty of amazing underwater flora and fauna. One of them is Pumpkin Aji wall. .

Pantai GOA

For seafood enthusiasts, Goa Beach becomes the perfect choice. The beach is not too far from the city center offers Sumbawa specialties such as Singang, Sepat, Ikan Sirapadang and Sirasang, Sate Cumi and a variety of other interesting options. While eating this favorite culinary, you can enjoy the view of Labuan Sumbawa and Tanjung Munangis.


This ecotourism area is at an altitude of 640 dpl. Located about 20 Kilometers from Sumbawa Besar. The trip to Batu Dulang we will be presented with a panorama of tropical forest that is very charming. Batu Dulang ecotourism in addition to offering a natural panorama, you will be invited to participate in the process of making honey, harvest coffee and candlenut and other activities that are still thick with rural life. There is a representative homestay, spot photo area as well as a store that sells various forest products such as honey, luwak coffee, hazelnut and herbs.


Hidden paradise behind the forest of Moyo Island, Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara, sounds of splashing water can be hear in the silence of nature. Mata Jitu waterfalls, a stunning waterfall can amazed anyone who came to this region. Located on Oiramu orchad, Labuan Haji Village, Labuan badas Sub-district, Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Beautiful scenery complete with natural green trees made Air Mata Jitu waterfalls became one of excellent things at Moyo Island.

Bufallo Race

Is the most popular traditional game by the people of Sumbawa. This game shows them as an agrarian society and ranchers. This tradition is usually carried out when the growing season begins. Two buffalo paired Noga connected with Kareng where the jockey stood up. This buffalo couple should be able to hit Saka with maximum time achievement. Buffalo that is about Saka with the fastest time will be considered a winner. Kebo Barapan also used as a promotion event and buying and selling of buffalo.